In our years of experience, at US Recycling Equipment, we find that most companies select from one of two strategies when it comes to maintaining their recycling equipment. The first strategy is to be reactionary and do nothing until its necessary. The second is to engage in a preventative maintenance program.

Companies that employ a reactionary strategy can sometimes see short-term savings, in maintenance cost, but will undoubtedly add more operating, maintenance, and labor cost; and sometimes shorten the life of their recycling equipment.

Today, we are seeing that more recyclers are employing a preventative maintenance program. A preventative maintenance program ensures the upkeep of their recycling equipment. It’s a much better way to protect their investment and lower cost.


Jones Lang LaSalle’s Strategic Consulting group conducted a study, “Determining the Economic Value of Preventive Maintenance,” and said, “The analysis shows that an investment in PM not only pays for itself but also produces a huge return on the investment.”

Does getting a preventative maintenance program for your recycling equipment makes sense? Here are three reasons why we think it does.

Cost Savings – Recyclers that postpone maintenance until a piece of equipment breaks down, experience higher maintenance cost. The cost of idle employees, the cost of inactive production lines, and the cost of missed schedules can eat away your margins.

Protection of Assets – Your recycling equipment is not cheap and the longer it can last, the more capital you conserve. Having a preventative maintenance program in place will prolong the life of your recycling equipment, show an increase in the productive hours of operation, and thereby dramatically reducing cost and adding to your profit.

Decreased Recycling Equipment Downtime -Almost all maintenance, on your recycling equipment, require some downtime. Having a preventive maintenance program can minimize downtime and save you money. With a PM program in place, you save downtime by scheduling your maintenance to-be conducted at a time that fits your schedule.


It’s a fact that most equipment can prematurely fail because of lack of maintenance. When it fails, the downtime and cost of repairs and replacement can be prohibitive. A good preventive maintenance program can add years to the life of a machine as well as minimal downtime.

It is indeed a fact that most equipment prematurely fails because of lack of maintenance. The downtime and cost involved in repairs and replacement of broken-down equipment can sometimes be prohibitive. A good preventive maintenance program can add years to the life of a machine as well as minimal downtime.


In the “Plant Engineering 2017 Maintenance Study,” they state that “The average facility outsources 19% of their maintenance operations, and the leading factors are lack of time/manpower and lack of skills among current staff.”

At US Recycling Equipment, we sell and maintain a multitude of different types of recycling equipment. With each installation, we ensure that all of your recycling equipment is in excellent working order.

Most companies don’t have the personnel or experience to manage preventative maintenance program and inspections. You need a maintenance program with pre-planned maintenance tasks and Inspections. That’s why at US Recycling Equipment, we offer our customer scheduled preventative maintenance inspections (PMI). We have programs that will successfully assist in the complete maintenance of all equipment. Our programs are comprehensive, service-oriented, and monitors the health of your recycling equipment.

To see how your facility can implement a preventative maintenance program, Give US Recycling Equipment a call at 303-408-5312 Contact us on our website today and see how we can implement a preventative maintenance program for you.