US_Recycling_Equipment_h_s_1224x690_o.pngWhen it’s time to acquire a new piece of equipment for your recycling operation, turn to US Recycling Equipment. The question may be should we buy, lease, or rent our next piece of equipment.

When the time becomes right to purchase your own units, who do you turn to? You need a team of recycling experts who know the full range of available equipment, the costs, and benefits of the various brands and quality considerations. Direct manufacturer reps will always be biased to their line of products. We do not limit our customers or ourselves with exclusive manufacturer’s contracts, we help you get the solutions that work for you and offer the best solutions for the best pricing. US Recycling Equipment is independent and works for you the customer.

Leasing is a powerful option for many companies that are in a growth mode or who do not want to tie-up capital inside major purchases. We have several strategic financing partners that help streamline leasing and financing options.