US Recycling Equipment sells and services a host of compactors of all sizes and for all types of purposes. We supply compactors for industrial applications, municipal facilities, office developments, convenience stores, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and more. So if you are looking for new compactors or used, you can count on US Recycling Equipment.

us_recycling_equipment_trash_Compactor_980x553 (1).jpgTRASH COMPACTOR

Trash Compactors are invaluable to a large range of business types. Compacting waste reduces the number and frequency of hauls. Not only does this reduce Green House Gases (GHG) resulting from additional pick-ups but saves money too.

There are compactors for virtually every application. Vertical trash compactors are useful in small retail facilities and food facilities as well as apartment complexes where space and electrical capacity are scarce.

Stationary compactors are excellent choices for large retailers and warehouses; because only the container gets hauled, the compactor allows for custom hoppers and chutes. Chutes can even be brought through a wall; eliminating the need to go outside, saving time and increasing productivity/efficiency. Fully enclosed hoppers and drive-on decks can further increase customization.

us_recycling_equipment_apartment_compactor_800x600_o.jpgLET US RECYCLING EQUIPMENT PROVIDE YOUR TRASH COMPACTOR SOLUTION

Self-contained compactors offer excellent capacity and compaction while still allowing customized hoppers and walk-on decks as well as through-wall chutes. These are perfect for dock locations and large retailers with a large amount of liquid waste as well as medical facilities and industrial applications. These machines are designed to handle wet garbage and solid waste with liquid components without worrying about leaks until it reaches the landfill.

Many MRF operations also use trash compactors for miscellaneous leftover materials that are not ideal for sorting and need to be disposed of efficiently.

If a compactor doesn’t quite fit your application, we can customize it to fit your needs.

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