Us Recycling Equipment has been solving shredding, recycling, waste reduction, and material handling problems for clients across multiple industries. Shredders allow recyclers to cut through material and reduce the volume of waste to reduce volume and transportation cost. We carry shredders that can be used in a range of applications including cans, bottles, cardboard, glass, documents, tires, textiles, solid waste, and more.


All US Recycling Equipment shredder models are engineered for heavy-duty service with industrial-grade steel construction so you can feel good that the equipment will last for decades. Many smart features are provided in each shredder to maximize throughput capacity and yield. Easy, touch-screen controls are included with many shredder models with several configurable options.

Shredders must be paired with a baler that handles your type of material – most likely a horizontal baler with a sealed chamber. Shredders typically start as small as 48”. Large recycling shredders can process 2 tons of materials an hour. We highly recommend a dust collection system to keep employees breathing safe and your facility clean from piles of accumulated paper dust bunnies.

US Recycling Equipment can provide your organization with a cost-effective choice for shredding recycled materials.

us_recycling_equipment_shredder_working_642x355_o.pngLET US RECYCLING EQUIPMENT PROVIDE YOUR SHREDDING SOLUTION

We offer Horizontal Balers to serve a wide variety of recycled material. If you are looking for a horizontal bailer that’s rugged and can minimize labor requirements and handle everything from paper to tin, we’ve got you covered.

Contact our sales and support team with any questions about the wide-range of conveyor types and models we service and sell.