We are a recycling and waste equipment service provider serving commercial and municipal customers. US Recycling Equipment utilized the most up-to-date waste management and sorting technics to help all our clients maximize their operation.

us_recycling_equipment_mrf_consulting_services_980x455_o.jpgWHY US RECYCLING EQUIPMENT FOR MRF CONSULTING?

We offer detailed training to all of our clients to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident. You want everyone involved in running various equipment and how to handle unforeseen situations. When people have confidence in what they are doing, it helps prevent mistakes that could create safety concerns that can be avoided.

We have learned much from people like you and from the different MRF locations we service. Our staff has decades of experience working at and with Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) and manufacturing plants. Our goal is to pass our knowledge onto you so that your team will be able to accomplish what’s expected and you get the most out of your investment.

Our Material Recovery Facilities Consulting Services Includes:

  • On-site recycling and waste audits
  • Container sizing, configuration, signage, placement, and installation
  • Hands-on training of custodial, public works and sustainability staff
  • Right-sizing waste dumpsters to reduce disposal costs
  • Return-on-investment (ROI) analysis
  • Securing service provider to collect accumulated recyclables
  • Waste reduction recommendations
  • Designing and creating a Zero Waste program
  • Outreach and educational program participants
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Technical assistance on program implementation and evaluation

We are ready to serve! Give us a call at 303-408-5312, and let’s talk about your goals as your expert MRF consulting service.