Us Recycling Equipment is your expert on single-stream sorting for any process that requires the sorting of materials. Our expertise in single-stream sorting started in the recycling industry and has grown in other sectors as well. When you need to design, implement, or replace a single-stream system, come to the experts.


US Recycling Equipment is a leading expert in single-stream sorting systems. We have the expertise to provide you with advice and consulting services for your single-stream process needs.

Recycling huge piles of materials can be extremely time consuming and expensive. The benefits of your labor and profits can be wiped out when you use inefficient methods of sorting.

The expenses of transporting recyclables to the right place in your facility can be costly when your process is inefficient. By hiring US Recycling Equipment to act as your experienced leader and expert, your MRF can run at peak performance with your single-stream recycling system.

Our team of experts has been at the forefront of the innovation process for many decades, which enabled us to help design the Revolution. This circular design for material sorting elevates single-stream recycling equipment to the next level. US Recycling Equipment has the expertise and insights to customize an MRF process, design equipment and provide purchase recommendations based on your exact specs.

We are ready to serve! Give us a call at 303-408-5312, for the best single stream recycling consulting you can find.